JASIG Project Incubation

This is not the Incubation Process you are looking for

Heads up! This whole Jasig incubation process is de-commissioned in favor of a new and improved, merged-with-Sakai, Apereo incubation process, documented on the new Apereo website.


The purpose of this space is to document the JA-SIG incubation process and to track the progress of incoming / developing candidate projects and contributions. Topics are discussed on the incubation mailing list which is open to all. 

The goal of JA-SIG Project Incubation is to define and sustain a process for incubating software projects, components and other contributions into official JA-SIG collaborative efforts.  JA-SIG projects, components and contributions should have the support of the community so that if (when) the original contributors move on, the collaboration and support will continue.

Evaluating candidate offerings and making decisions about their status is the job of the Incubation Working Group (IWG). 

Incubating projects are tracked in the incubation jira project.


The IWG has responsibility for managing the life cycle of all software contributions to JA-SIG.  This includes:

  • Sponsored Projects - JA-SIG sponsored projects are governed by project steering committees.  The IWG is involved with sponsored projects only when there is a change in status - such as a project should be retired or split.  The IWG may ask that a candidate contribution be taken on by an existing steering committee if it is related to a particular project.
  • Candidate and incubating projects based on existing software, designs and or community that would like to become JA-SIG sponsored projects.
  • Candidate and incubating new projects started under the auspices of JA-SIG.
  • Candidate and incubating components / contributions related to sponsored projects
  • Candidate and incubating contributions unrelated to any existing sponsored project

Incubation Process

The Incubation Process page documents the process of bringing existing work into the JA-SIG community . The IWG also provides appropriate governance for work that starts within the JA-SIG community and may become officially sponsored at a later time.

Incubation Working Group Meetings

IWG Members

The initial IWG was elected in 2009 for a two year term. 

Two more members were drafted in Feb 2011.

In 2013 we added Robert Long.

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