JDBC User Attribute Sources

The default personDirectoryContext.xml includes JDBC beans to retrieve attributes for local uPortal users such as fragment owners.  Below is a real example of merging in additional attributes via the PersonDb DataSource.  This is essentially the configuration used in production at Yale.  Note that this configuration uses the support for mapping a column to multiple uPortal attribute names.

Since we want to merge attributes from our JDBC source with other attributes we start by adding a reference to our new bean (myunivCachingPersonDbJdbcAttributeSource) to the merging DAOs section.

Then we create the new DAO bean with a SingleRowJdbcPersonAttributeDao going against PersonDB.  PersonDB can be defined in rdbm.properties or more likely via JNDI.  For information on creating JNDI datasources for uPortal see Using JNDI managed DataSources.