phpCAS troubleshooting

I'm having trouble getting phpCAS to work

Enable the the phpCAS debug log (expamples):


The default logfile is phpCAS.log that is either in /tmp (Linux/Unix) or in your windows temp dir. You can always specify a file as $filename. Also check the webserver logs for any errors.

If you are still stuck please share your issue on the cas-user mailing list along with the full debug of one single access/login attempt and the webserver access and error log. Replace any sensitive dns names or ips with some placeholder. These logs might give us a fighting chance to solve your problem. Sharing any glue code or integration code might also help us.

How do i report a bug?

Please check your logs(see above) for any error messages and report the issue in github. Your bug report should always include a debug.log, a context description of the error (during login/logoff, after sso login screen etc.) and your environment (phpCAS Version, php version etc)

No Proxy-granting ticket IOU (PGTIOU) is transmitted when validating a ST or a PT

Probably the CAS server does not trust your application. Your phpcas applications needs to be a https reachable and the certificate has to be trusted by the CAS server. (Add a keystore that contains the certificate of your application server and the certification chain into your CAs server)

I get Notice messages, a warning saying that headers have already been sent, and authentication fails

add the following line before calling phpCAS methods:

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);

or add the following line to your php.ini:

error_reporting=E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE)


More details about the protocol at :