Release Notes - CAS Server - Version 3.4.11 - HTML format


  • [CAS-1029] - Spanish translation lost all accented characters
  • [CAS-1040] - miss i18n key in
  • [CAS-1051] - JpaTicketRegistry Deadlocks Periodically
  • [CAS-1052] - CAS server doesn't shutdown correctly when Inspektr audit log is configured to store data into DB over JdbcAuditTrailManager
  • [CAS-1055] - LdapUtils was not correctly encoding values embedded into a filter

New Feature

  • [CAS-994] - AuthenticationHandler health monitoring in cas-server?


  • [CAS-654] - Make ServiceValidateController non-final
  • [CAS-930] - JpaLocking Strategy
  • [CAS-1007] - Set default matching order for http://* and https://* services
  • [CAS-1012] - Add Support for Configuring Name of RememberMe Attribute in SAML Response
  • [CAS-1017] - Update spring-configuration files to have consistent schemaLocation
  • [CAS-1035] - Use id "msg" rather than "status" for UI messages, and add header to non-secure connection notice.
  • [CAS-1036] - Move IE6 styles to IE stylesheet
  • [CAS-1042] - Refactor TicketGrantingTicket expiration policy to remove superfluous code block
  • [CAS-1043] - Consistent Translation of Username throughout all languages (some are Net-ID etc.)
  • [CAS-1046] - add getter for httpClient to class AbstractWebApplicationService
  • [CAS-1047] - Provide Capability to Log NamingExceptions Thrown on Bind Failures

Security Bug

  • [CAS-1064] - CAS Service Parameter is Susceptible to CRLF Attacks

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