Add Transfer Goal Tracking to MAP


  1. Add "Transfer Goal" table to the database (simple list of institutions)

    • This would be assigned per MAP as a part of the "Save Plan" option

    • This will be a dropdown with a single data point loaded from a table

  2. Add Admin editing of Transfer Institutions

    • Addition of "Transfer Goals" as an editable table to the Administrator role

  3. Add "Transfer Goals" (text description, e.g. "Wright State University") as a new column when "MAP Information" has been selected as part of a Custom Export to CSV on the Search-Bulk Action list.

  4. "None Specified" will be added as a selection for Transfer Goal to when saving both a MAP Plan and a MAP Template as the default. Other selections of this dropdown will be user-configured by an Admin

Additionally, add the following:

  1. Add Transfer Goal as a Search item in student search

  2. Add a Transfer Goal Report with this as the criteria for the report

    1. Columns

      • First Name

      • Last Name

      • School Id

      • Email Address

      • Date MAP created

      • MAP Create by

      • Transfer Institution

      • Partial

      • Catalog Year

    2. Filter fields

      • Transfer Goal (multi-select ideally) – or Not Used

      • Plan created by (multi-select ideally) – or Not Used

      • Student status (active/inactive/transfer/etc)

      •  Is plan Active?

      • Catalog Year – or Not Used

      •  (optional) Date MAP last modified – or Not Used




Michael Sultzaberger


Michael Sultzaberger


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