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Challenge Referral Links not copied into MyGPS-created action plan tasks



      Reported in the field (2.0.1), verified locally (2.0.1) and in Linux CI (2.1.0)...

      1) Create an action plan task in MyGPS by clicking on a Referral (i.e. Resource)
      2) A task will appear in the right hand panel and will display the Referral's "public description" (if it exists, else the non-public description) but will not display the link associated with the Referral.
      3) Clicking on the Referral launches a dialog that also displays the public description (or the non-public description if the public one doesn't exist) but not the link.

      The link should appear along with the public description (or non-public description if the public description doesn't exist) in both #2 and #3.

      This does work when a Task is created from the SSP app, just not from MyGPS.

      Also, worth pointing out, at least for posterity, that both the description (public or otherwise) and the link are copied into the Task record. So subsequent changes to the underlying Referral won't be reflected in existing Tasks. So the problem would seem to have to do with MyGPS not using exactly the same Referral cloning logic.

      Question for Jason... as part of a fix, should we take it upon ourselves to copy links into existing Tasks? I would argue we should not if the actual design intent is to preserve original Referral state whenever creating Tasks; i.e. we don't have any good way to know if the Referral had or didn't have a link when any given Task was originally created. It's not impossible to copy links into existing Tasks... but I'm not sure we know if that's actually what people want/expect?


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